Monday, November 21, 2016

Fun day back

When Miracle #3 and I figured out that our numbers were really low today, we planned a little outing to the Aquarium. Because of my membership, we decided to venture downtown with four little people. While we were waiting for #3 to pick us up, my little boys walked around the cul-de-sac holding hands. Aren't they cute?

Our neighbours put up their Christmas lights on the weekend. Finn was very impressed. Hubby did ours too, so we are now ready for December 1st. There are a lot of Christmas lights on already but it really does seem too soon. I did start playing Christmas carols last week, but that is only because the daycare children are young and they need lots and lots of practice. 

Baby was mesmerized by the turtle. I love this picture!

She was the oldest in our little group of boys. We kind of just let her lead the way and we knew that all of the little boys would be fine with it. 

Everyone liked the Rays.  But only Mack was willing to touch. 

She loved the frogs, just like her sister. Her Mommy went under with her to take a picture. I love it!  Can't go to the Aquarium without taking at least one of these. 

Baby with almost-17 month old Mack. 

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