Monday, November 28, 2016

Funny plane

The children all love to look at the planes.  So when we were outside this morning, we all heard it before we saw it, but according to Baby, "The plane has a tag on it. Why does the plane have a tag on it?

It was actually an advertisement for Amazon. I know that my phone pics aren't really very clear, but that is what it says. 

It flew over us twice. I think the pilot must have seen us all staring and came back to give us another look. The children were so pleased!

Especially Finn. He's the one who enjoyed it the most. (At least that's what one would think by his facial expression and exuberance) They all enjoyed it, but it is pretty easy to entertain one and two year olds. The recycling truck and garbage truck came by too. It was an exciting morning!

It was a great morning outside. Only 6 degrees, but no rain!

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