Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I love Tuesdays!

Tuesday's always start early, but these big boys have a whole lot of fun when they arrive. 

It usually is Mason that thinks up the ideas, and the other boys are so eager and helpful to make it all happen. 

This was all before 8 o'clock this morning. I know that Ethan and Isaac appear to be sad, but they really weren't. 

Finn never knows what to make of it. He always watches from the doorway. 

This was at Music Class this morning. As usual, we are always the first to arrive.....so I took a picture. Sweet Pea didn't want to look, but that's okay. I love that whenever Preston sees a camera he smiles. 

I have this cute little melting snowman toy that Hubby bought last weekend. Sam was helping them build it so that it would "melt."

Sweet Pea has one at her house, as Pretty Girl told me last week. It's a very cute little activity and they were all participating. I love Tuesdays when Sam comes to help. She makes my day!  She especially loves that she gets to spend time with the fuzzins. These two little two year olds have really bonded with her!

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