Wednesday, November 9, 2016

More happiness

For a day that began with a torrential downpour, it sure got nice this afternoon. I decided to walk down to get the big boys today, and true to form, my little Isaac fell asleep in the stroller. Sweet Pea had a little ten minute catnap too, which surprised me because she's not one to ever fall asleep in the afternoon.  It didn't last long though, because as soon as we arrived at the school, it was full of commotion and noise and she woke right up. 

After we arrived back home again, I told everyone we were going to enjoy a little bit of time outside as it was almost balmy at 16 degrees with no rain. That decision was greeted with great exuberance, especially from my big boys. 

Of course, this little man kept sleeping for a bit, and then I noticed a cute little smirk and some beautiful eyes peeking at me. I think he ended up sleeping for about an hour altogether, and like he always does, he woke up happy and ready to play. 

Preston loves this little car. He rode in it and pushed it around for awhile. He went for his shots today and he weighs 26 pounds 13 ounces. I knew that he was getting heavier to pack around and wasn't surprised at all.

These three guys were as thick as thieves. They all had so much fun together. 

And as much as Preston enjoyed the other car, Sweet Pea loves this one. In and out, in and out, she spends a lot of her time pretending to be going to work or going to Superstore. 

This little gas handle has been re-discovered in a box and the children all love it. I was watching her put gas in her car and smiling.

And then I showed her the correct way to do it and there was no looking back. She was very pleased to fill up her car with gas. Again and again and again. 

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