Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our afternoon

It's weird not having a one year old to care for. But while Preston has Hand Foot Mouth, I am down one needy baby and it's just weird. 

We went over to the school a bit early because it wasn't raining, and there wasn't anybody sleeping. We actually got a parking spot right in the lot, that's how early we were and that never happens! My three little ones needed a picture of themselves in the 'spiderweb.'

There were a lot of classes out playing when we arrived but then they all went inside and we had all three playgrounds completely to ourselves for about ten minutes. 

They were all playing with the little rocks. It was a funny little game, but it worked for them. Everyone is holding a handful of pea gravel here.

I tried to get a picture of her eyes but I should have taken it from the other direction. They are still blue, but a very gray-blue now. She is still very blonde though!

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