Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our morning

This picture was taken at 8:16 this morning.  The sun was just rising up over the school and I thought it was very pretty.  I am going to be happy that this will be what it looks like at 7:16 in the morning next week. The time changes on Sunday and even though I really don't like gaining back our hour that we lost in the Spring, I will really like it to be light out when we are heading off to school

Not very many people in the schoolyard yet. I think it is hard for people to get there on time this week. Between Halloween and how dark it still is, there are always lots of children running to their classrooms after the bell goes. 

My guys were enjoying the little rocks and spinning them around. These children love rocks. Especially Isaac.

Lucas went off to join his classroom line-up when the bell rang. He was first in line today, and we really weren't that early. His teacher is always the last one to pick up her class anyway, so I am sure everyone still had almost 5 more minutes to arrive. 

I have been getting all my paperwork ready for Licensing to show up any day as I know that they are due. And when I checked my fire extinguishers yesterday, I realized that they were certified last February. She obviously never checked them last November or I would have been written up, so I took them into Port Coquitlam right after I dropped off Lucas to get them re-certified. It was a fun little place to visit and the children loved this great big stuffed fire extinguisher. Photo-op!

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