Friday, November 25, 2016

Outside Day

It turned out rather nice this morning so we spent some time outside getting some fresh air. Fridays are always's a different mix of children so it usually goes quite smoothly. Not that the other days don't go smoothly, but it's different dynamics. Every other day of the week, I have a lot of boys. Friday is a mostly girl day!

Yes, I know he is a boy. But I love that he is riding in the pink princess car. He's almost 20 months and he's fine with pink. 

Kara turned four at the beginning of the month and now she keeps telling me that she is almost five. She certainly acts five some days, but like I tell all of them, "it's okay to not grow up so quickly."

Sweet Pea loves her toque. And it was a toque sort of morning when you don't have a lot of hair.

She loves to push him. These are my toque kids today. Finn definitely needs a hat on most days. His hair is growing but it is so blonde and so fine, he needs to keep his head warm. His Grandma from Finland made it for him and it is very cute!

Ethan is going to be five in March. He's my big boy on Fridays, but he is a way better follower than he is a leader. 

Shay will be three in March and she is a very good leader and a very good follower.  She only comes one day a week and is very shy, but she is having an extremely good day. 

These two are first cousins. Their Dads are brothers. Because of all of the shift work in their families, they don't get to see each other very often so Fridays are always a fun cousin day for them. 

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