Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rainy Tuesday morning

My Tuesday's always start early. Christopher and Alex are usually here just after 6:30 am and they are fairly quiet until the rest of the boys show up. Lucas and Isaac are here around 7:20 and then on the mornings that Mason comes, he is here about 7:25. He brought his sister along today. Peyton is in Grade 7 and she sometimes comes because she doesn't like being home alone. If I am able to drive her to school I do, but if I don't have enough seatbelts, then she walks. I live a lot closer to the school than she does, and she appreciates whatever I can offer. I really do love all of these children!

They loved pumpkin bowling. The big boys were doing this last week too, and they just all started where they left off. Sweetheart, Tai and I put two pieces of duct tape on the carpet yesterday and that just gave them more to play with. Their imaginations are all so wonderful!

They played this for more than half an hour before they all had to get ready to go to school. 

Playing is learning. And that means that these guys are learning.  All. The. Time.  

Sweet Pea was so excited to see that I put out a few Christmas toys yesterday. She has been playing with them since she arrived. 

I love her so much!  To the moon and back again!

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