Wednesday, November 30, 2016

School pick-up

When I went to pick up the big boys at school today, Sweetheart's class had just come around from the back of the school. She was very excited to say Hello as we walked in the front door while she was waiting at Ms. Woo's class so they could all go into their classrooms.  Her teacher then asked her to take me in to see the artwork outside her class that was inspired by a book that she had brought to school last week.  

It was called The Silly Swamp and she was more than happy to show me what she and her classmates had been working on. 

Isn't it wonderful?  I don't actually know the story but it's a great bulletin board!  My little ones and I often go looking at all of the art that the children display, and we always look for names of children who we know. 

And we like to play at the end if the hallway where this little table and chairs are. Sweet Pea informed me that she is the teacher. 

And Isaac told me that he was the teacher too. These were my only two children this afternoon, until we picked up Lucas, Tai and Mason. Preston was away with an eye infection. He's going to be away tomorrow too, so we've planned an outing. Sam wants to come over and see everyone one last time, so we are going to go on a field trip!

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