Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spending time

Sweetheart asked if she could come over after her dance class this morning, so that is exactly what she did. 

She thought it would be a good idea to out for lunch at The White Spot, so it didn't take really take too much convincing. I love The White Spot. 

She and Grandpa played tic-tac-toe.....they were really fun to watch. She won more games than he did. Just sayin'.

We had to take my van in to get a part replaced today. The turn signals needed to be fixed, and Sweetheart thought it was very fun to go to Grandpa's workplace. He took her into the back and she truly enjoyed herself. 

Sitting behind the counter, waiting to take orders. She was so pleased. 

She and I went to look in the showroom and she was very cute. We looked at several vehicles and she was so impressed. 

The sticker shock is what got me. The Pathfinder is listed for a mere $46,000 and it didn't even have a whole lot of room to sit in the back seat. 

This was our favourite one. She really liked the two televisions in the Armada, I was impressed with the trunk space. It was listed for just over $72,000, and it still only had seven seats. I loved how she thought that we were going to get in trouble because we kept looking inside the vehicles. You can tell that she had never been in a showroom before. It is an awfully fun place to hang out when you're only five.

This is the bottom of a Versa. She was very intrigued and she couldn't believe that the car was turned onto it's side. We all had a very fun time at Grandpa's work today!

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