Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday in Calgary

A chinook came in this afternoon so I witnessed the arch to the west this morning and it was sunny and five degrees this afternoon. 

I even got to wear sunglasses this afternoon. I'm going to miss the blue sky as I think I am headed home to dreary rain and grey clouds. 

I went to visit my cousins this afternoon and we had a lovely lunch and a visit. Linda and Dave outdid themselves and I was able to get to see my aunt and uncle again too!

These guys are adorable. Shane and his girlfriend came by this afternoon and we played a couple of games of Flinch and had a nice little visit. There is something so refreshing about visiting with 18 and 19 year olds. Shane sent me a new app to play games on. I lost. He won.  It was kind of funny, as everyone needs their phone to tell them that. Not!

They are so fun!  I think it is so nice that they took time out of their busy weekend to come and say Hello. They came out for dinner with us last night but they were at the other end of the table so it was hard to have a conversation. Love them!  It's been a really great weekend and now my plane has been delayed so I'm not getting home until after midnight. Sigh. I will be okay, but I feel sorry for Hubby who has to pick me up at the airport around 11:45. 

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