Saturday, November 19, 2016


I was on a 6 am flight to Calgary this morning. And it took 56 minutes to fly here, which was 10 minutes ahead of schedule. I picked up a cheap flight on a seat sale about a month ago and I have had the loveliest day!  My Auntie Bev picked me up at the airport and it was -4 degrees and cloudy. Not too bad, but I have been paying attention to the Calgary weather and it was originally forecast to be 3 degrees and sunny. The sun did finally peek out for a bit after we went out for lunch with my aunties, uncle and cousins, but it never really warmed up. 

My very special aunt and uncle are 84 years old now, and we went to Swiss Chalet for lunch. They get around okay for how old they are, but every time I see them I am reminded of how elderly they have become. My uncle told me today that he used to think that 84 was old. He says he doesn't think that way any more. It's all about perspective, isn't it?

This was the view from my aunt's house just as we were leaving to go out for dinner at Montana's with Heather, John and the kids. The sun has arrived now, and it should be back tomorrow. Still cold at -3 degrees, but it is November after all.

Selfie time!  It has begun a tradition for us to do this now. I hate selfies, but I love my cousins enough to participate. 

I love this family so much! Two members of the family had headed home already. My aunt has been plagued with a sore back all of her life but it has really bothered her since April. She had cortisone shots on Thursday, and she said that this is the first time in a long time that she has felt okay. The shots have really helped, so I am very thankful. She has always been extremely healthy, and this is the first time in my adult life that I have seen her this unwell. 

We took quite a few pictures tonight after we came home from dinner and played Flinch.  We always have to make some memories. 

Three generations of beautiful strong women. I love them all to the moon and back again!

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