Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday morning

She's back!  And she is extremely happy to be here. We have had such a great morning, and she even completed her circle time so willingly and happily. First time. Yay, Sweet Pea!!!

Awww.  I missed her so much!  She has been such a perfect little angel all day.

Shay came to spend a couple of hours with her friends today, and she agreed with all of the rest of us.  Mygym is very very fun!!

They set up a chicken coop. Their sensory activities are always so much better than mine, but they sure do give me wonderful ideas. 

It really was so simple.  And so much fun for the children to play in. As you can see, it was a very popular place to be.

They all played and touched while examining and learning. This is the best part about this age, is that they are playing and learning all the time!

These two enjoyed the puppet show at the end so much. They were mesmerized. 

It was an action song about fish and a whale.  As you can see, my Isaac was enjoying it too. And like always, sitting right beside the instructors. 

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