Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Welcome November

It's November. Which means that Christmas is less than two months away. I feel like my life is passing me by way too fast right now, which means that I probably need to slow down a bit. I didn't book yoga last night because I knew I just needed to stay home and chill. Which I was very good at once the trick or treating was done.  Deep Stretch and Relax would have been good, but I relaxed at home and that was almost as good. 

October 2016 was the 9th wettest on record. Just in case anyone was wondering. It's pouring right now so November is off to a rainy start as well. I am just sitting and waiting to go to Alpha. I made Hubby some dinner and it actually smells pretty good...so I may or may not have a little taste before I go. I only cooked him dinner because it is his birthday today, but we will celebrate with the family tomorrow. Maybe. Baby is still suffering with Hand Foot Mouth and has it pretty bad. #3 closed again today and now two more of our little people have confirmed cases. One from her daycare and one from mine. I only had three little people come today out of a possible five, but Sweet Pea will be back tomorrow so that was good to hear! 

Sam came today and we had a very fun day even though we only had two children to care for until I had to go get Mason at 2:20. I texted myself a bunch of pictures from her phone and this is one of my favourites. It looks very Octoberish. I know that isn't a real word, and as much as I am not an Autumn fan, I really do love the colours. 

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