Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rainy Wednesday morning

We love MyGym!  But on rainy mornings, we love it more. The rain held off long enough to take the big boys to school. But it was pouring by the time we arrived at MyGym so that makes us all appreciate it so much!

I love how little Lukas is trying so hard to keep up with his friends. We are always the first group to arrive because I don't go home between school drop-off and our gym time at 9. Everyone else comes from the other end of town, and Miracle #3 walks to school and then goes home to drive over. 

Sweet Pea and Baby traded spots this morning. It's usually a win-win for both of us. Sweet Pea was so excited to go with Auntie and Baby always wants to come with me. 

This little almost-two year old is going to be a big brother at the end of December. He has been enjoying his two mornings a week with us, and is very comfortable with us now. Being a typical almost-two year old, we are working on no hitting and no biting. He isn't very strong, which is a good thing as he swats more than he actually hits so it doesn't really hurt. But we are still working on being gentle and saying sorry. He's going to have it all figured out by the time his sister arrives. Hopefully....

This little 16 month old is going to be a big brother any day now. We are counting down the days, as his sister is due to arrive next week.  He's getting so capable, which is really really good!

Sweet Pea is so darn cute! And she is getting so grown up too! I love this picture of her, and yes, she still reminds me so much of her Daddy when he was little. 

We all love the puppet show at the end. And there's my little Isaac front and center, as usual!

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