Sunday, December 11, 2016

A day out!

Sam and I planned this day out back in September when we attended the Etsy Market. We headed into North Vancouver at 7:30 this morning and arrived just after 8. It was a bit drizzly when we arrived but it actually did stop raining for the morning. 

Sam went to get Starbucks to drink while we waited in line.  The first 50 people get swag bags and we just had so much fun chatting and drinking our peppermint mochas. 

We were #13 and #14. They let us wait inside just after 9, and that was nice because it was a little warmer and drier. Note, I said a little. It was definitely drier but really not much warmer. 

The Got Craft Show was in a big warehouse and it interesting to watch everyone set up. And then we all lined up in a very orderly fashion to receive our swag bags. I won't tell you that #50 actually came through the door at 9:50, just a mere ten minutes before they opened. I think the young lady who received it was very surprised. I know that I was. 

The Vancouver skyline will always impress me. Note how the clouds have moved over in the couple of hours that we were shopping. 

I love this girl so much!  We had so much fun and then headed over to The Forum at the PNE to the Make It Show where we had a fantastic Jamaican lunch at one of the food trucks before heading into the Make It Show for another couple of hours. 

We didn't get home until just after 3:30, and then I went grocery shopping with Hubby.  C and T invited us for dinner and they made beef stroganoff which was simply delicious!  We arrived home just after 8 and I am very tired and very happy!  I had such a splendid day!

Selfie Sunday!

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