Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Advent calendars

This is the way we have been starting our mornings. They all have to wait until their friends arrive and then they spend fifteen or more minutes putting little figures together and chatting. 

It was CJ and Alex's turns today as they haven't been here to do any yet. 

And we even did tomorrow's #8 at the end of our day today because it's the Christmas concert tomorrow and most parents have taken the day off. Which means that the big boys aren't coming to Daycare. I have three children coming tomorrow and then Preston is leaving at noon because his Mommy had her baby last week and he will just go home to nap. Everly Pearl was born last Thursday morning and she is as cute as can be. She has dark eyes and dark hair and looks way more Asian than her brother and yet she really does look like him too. I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday and she sure is a beautiful baby!

And speaking of cute, I just have to tell you about a two year old moment that happened at the end of my day. We were chatting and Sweet Pea bumped her head as she was going by me. I asked her if she was okay. And she answered me, "No, I not okay. I Cora. You Gamma."  And then she just kept on going. She makes me smile!

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