Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Saturday!

We've got lots of snow. I shoveled three times yesterday and it almost looked like it had stopped when we left around 5 pm, but it didn't. 

I was trying to be creative yesterday afternoon, when there was only a couple of inches on the ground and the bushes. Snow does really look pretty. 

But it's cold and it's wet. Hubby tweaked his back at work yesterday when he was lifting tires?!? So he came home early and I had the use of his 4 wheel drive when I picked up children so that was nice. And this is what he was doing this morning when he shouldn't be. Although he didn't lift, he just pushed the snow over, he still shouldn't be. You will all be happy to hear that I took over and helped.  He did the pushing and I did the lifting. 

We got a fair amount of snow. I am guessing it was around 6 inches or so. Yes, I think it is pretty. I still don't like it. 

Hopefully, this is the only picture of our house in the snow that I will take this year as Hubby salted the driveway after we cleared it. Doesn't look all that promising at this point, as it is supposed to warm up for the weekend and then we are headed back into -2 to -7 temperatures. Oh yuck!

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