Monday, December 19, 2016

Silly boys!

It was a very busy Sunday. When we came home last night I shoveled the driveway. Again. There was about 4 inches of beautiful snow which was pretty easy to move.  But then this morning there was another four inches of wet ugly hard-to-shovel snow.  I went out at 5:45 to get the driveway clear so Hubby could get his truck out without compacting it even more. Because this is a place of business, I try really hard to get the driveway clear on workday mornings. This morning it took me almost an hour to clear one half of the driveway. I am so done with snow. Just sayin'.

And then I went out again just after noon to give the driveway another scrape as it had stopped snowing/raining. It was getting more and more slippery and Lukas's mom is due with her baby next week. She picks him up around 12:30 and I didn't want her to slip on the driveway. These boys had lots of snow to play in but they decided that the ice water at the end of the driveway looked like way more fun!

Silly boys!  They sure enjoyed themselves but they had extremely cold hands. Luckily, it didn't take long to clear the driveway and we went in to warm them up. 

Isaac put his own hat on and it is backwards.  I was promoting independence today so I just left it. I actually thought that it looked very cute!

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