Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I live in a beautiful world!

I love the mountains that I look at every single day. I actually marvel at them, and think that they are magnificent!

The sun arrived on Sunday and after all of our rain, it was so beautiful and so appreciated. There has been a bit of snow on the mountains, but now there is lots!

Of course, with the sun, the temperature has dropped and as I write this, it is -3 degrees outside....feels like -7. I don't really understand why our thermometer reads one number and yet it always feels colder. Or warmer, depending on the season.  I know it has something to do with wind or humidity, but I just don't know why it can't be one number. If it feels like -7 degrees, then why can't it just say that it's -7 degrees?

It was actually 8 degrees on Sunday before the temperature dropped, and it was really pleasant. But ever since Monday, it's been cold. Today, my weather app tells me that it's going to be -4 (feels like -10) when I take the boys to school, warm up to -2 (feels like -7) when I pick them up, and then plummet to -6 (feels like -14) by 10 o'clock tonight. Believe me, I won't be anywhere near the outdoors by then. If I am anything like I have been for the past few nights, then I will be sound asleep.

Here is another great picture that was taken at the golf course where Miracle #4 works. He's on winter lay-off right now and has been since the first week of November, but this is the view he gets to appreciate when he is there. 

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