Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Party

We haven't been to a fancy Christmas party since 2002. That's the last time that Hubby's work hosted a big party at a hotel. There has been Christmas get-togethers at restaurants and pubs, but this is the first time that they joined all the Morrey Auto Groups together and did a big soirĂ©e. At least it's the first time I have ever been invited. Hubby seems to think that they did one a few years back, but he never wants to go and that's fine with me. The first Christmas party that I ever went to since he left Head Office in 2003 was two years ago at a pub in Port Moody. It was nothing to write home about, and we didn't go last year. Hubby's choice. 

But tonight we joined around 300 people at the Delta Hotel in Burnaby and it was a happening place. Yes, we really did leave just after 9 as the craziness all began, but we just aren't the drinking dancing type. The dinner was wonderful and we visited with all his work friends, and I was happy to be home in my pajamas by 10. I know. I'm boring. 

The center pieces were absolutely beautiful. And I am sad to say that I didn't win one to take home. There were lots of prizes, mostly of cash value. At least a dozen people walked away with $300 in cash. 

We don't get dressed up very often.  Can you tell that Hubby's back is still bothering him? He can stand and he can lay down and it doesn't hurt too much, but sitting is not good at all.  

Santa and Holly Snow were there to take pictures with whoever wanted. There was a photo booth too, and everyone was having lots of fun.

It was a huge ballroom filled with very happy people. The Morrey Auto Group paid for the whole party and I can definitely say that there will be lots of sore heads in the morning!

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