Thursday, December 8, 2016

Feeling blessed

I am feeling incredibly blessed. It's -6 degrees outside and we are inside. It's beautiful. But it is way too cold!

These guys have been playing together all morning. As they are looking out the window at the freezing cold, they are warm and dry. And they are being very cute playing with my snowman. 

Am I allowed to say that there are times that I would love to take this very noisy singing snowman and hide it?  Because there really are. It doesn't have a volume control and it is LOUD!

But they are enjoying it soooooo much. And I am enjoying watching them. 

It doesn't look nearly as cold as it feels. I have only felt it briefly as I have opened the door to let children through but one Dad clearly expressed his opinion. He exclaimed "Holy Dinah!" but in all fairness, he wasn't even wearing a winter coat. We are way too spoiled on the west coast. My aunt texted me this morning to tell me it's -26 in Calgary. When I go out later it is supposed to be -2, which is almost balmy. I feel blessed!

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