Sunday, December 4, 2016

Feeling like Christmas

Well, if I'm not in the Christmas spirit now, then there is something seriously wrong with me. After Hubby and the blessings left for hockey this morning, I had an hour to get ready and join my friends at church. 

This was our children's production and it sure was a lot more children than at yesterday's rehearsal. And it was absolutely wonderful. The children were flawless and Miss Glory should be so proud! I was proud, and all I really did was show up. 

We went to The Nutcracker at The Act this afternoon. 

Yes, I really did buy them the same dress this year..I actually bought four.

I love these two little the moon and back again!

Sweetheart was so excited to meet the sugar plum fairy and her friend. Pretty Girl declined getting a picture taken but she was quite awestruck as well.  We were so surprised to see them as we were leaving the theater.

We made a fairly quick getaway because Grandpa was waiting at the Alliance church because we had Hometown Christmas tickets. It was a sold out performance and I had been called by a lady at the church because my name was on a list to get a matinee performance.  I was actually hoping for the 11th, not today.  But it worked out fine in the end.....Grandson was unable to go because it would be too rushed to go to lacrosse at 6, but we were able to take the girls. They both enjoyed themselves very much and were so impressed because Baby Jesus is played by a live baby. They were extremely excited because they got to go to two shows in one day. 

As soon as we dropped off the girls, Hubby and and headed into Port Coquitlam to watch Grandson play in his re-scheduled lacrosse game under the lights. He was supposed to play this morning, but they found an all-weather field and they played against Chilliwack and beat them 7-0. In the freezing cold 1 degree temperature. It was cold!  Really really cold!  

We went grocery shopping on the way home from Port Coquitlam and I have just recently thawed out. It's been a really busy day, and if the three Christmas shows didn't put me in the Christmas mood, then the chilly weather has certainly helped.  It's supposed to snow tonight, but there weren't any clouds in the sky, so it's a bit impossible at this point. 

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