Thursday, December 8, 2016

Giggle giggle

We had some fun this afternoon after Sweetheart's Christmas concert. She was showing her baby sister what to do, and they thought it was so fun! Baby has a contagious little giggle!

Grandson had to give it a go as well.  The sunglasses must tickle their necks, because they all giggle.

We joined our family and friends for Hometown Christmas this evening and there is always a pre-show show.  Because it's festival seating, we all line up early to get good seats and we were able to sit in the third and fourth rows. Which is pretty good as there were fourteen of us. This soldier is fun to watch, and he was making all of us smile!

Grandson was a very good audience participant. He sat very still and reacted with a great big smile to show off his beautiful dimples!

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