Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hockey tournament

Grandson has a hockey tournament in Coquitlam that started today. We are babysitting the blessings because their parents are at a Christmas party, so after our McDonald's dinner we went over to the rink. I just want to note that I don't think that Baby has ever been to a McDonald's play place before. At least not that she can ever remember, anyway. She was very impressed. And here she is sitting at the arena as far away from me as she was allowed to go. She is so cheeky!  And so cute!

Sweetheart doesn't really like going to watch her brother play hockey but she is a very good sport about it. She had a pretty good time tonight though as one of the boy's sister was watching a Barbie movie on her Mom's phone and she invited her to watch with her. It made this sweet little five year old very happy. 

Grandson had a really good game. He scored four goals and had at least five assists. You could tell that he was having lots of fun out there. 

Auntie J came out to watch. She usually does if she isn't working, and she was very pleased that this particular game was right in her neighbourhood. 

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