Thursday, December 1, 2016

I love them!

I had a seatbelt situation this morning due to CJ and Alex switching their days from Tuesday to Thursday this week. And then it turned out that Mason is coming every morning this month because his Dad's shift changed. (He usually only comes every second week in the morning)

So I arranged for Sweet Pea to be dropped off at #3's and the seatbelt situation wasn't really an issue after all. My children decided to run races while we waited for our friends and cousins to join us for our walk to school. Sweet Pea is definitely outnumbered, don't you think?

The boys still outnumber the girls, but it's sure fun when we all get together. Even for a short walk to the school. 

After we dropped seven children off at school, we added one toddler boy to our group of five children. And then #3, Sam and I headed off to The Aquarium for a couple of hours. 

We all had a tremendous time, and two hours flew by.  It wasn't very crowded, but it takes time to move six children and three adults throughout. This is right by the penguin display and they were all quite cooperative. 

Their instructions were to pick a penguin and stand by it. And so they did. Leighton was in the stroller at this point.

Here is my one and only picture that I have of all six children at The Aquarium today. I really didn't take very many pics because I was too busy keeping track of everyone and enjoying our time together. 

We went into The Amazon today, and it didn't feel as stifling as it usually does. Our little group of one, two, three and four year olds had lots of fun today!  And so did the adults. 

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