Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My favourite grandson

Grandson's hockey tournament is over and he played really well. As much as none of us are all that impressed with the cross ice idea, we all enjoyed watching him play. His last game for 2016 was last night and the roads were fine to get there as the weather has warmed up. 

He's getting so tall. At 8 years old and almost 9 months, he is 4 foot 7 inches tall and weighs 74 pounds. He fits Size 10-12 and has Size 5.5 feet. He loves all sports and enjoys his iPad and video games as well. He had his parent/teacher interview at the end of November and is doing very well in Grade 3, and excels at Math. His reading is pretty amazing too as I saw one of the books he is reading for Christmas break and I was impressed. He is our only grandson and I love him to the moon and back again. 

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