Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Six days late

I realized yesterday that we hadn't taken the advent calendar out on the first of the month. So Tai and I did five days yesterday which took us close to an hour to complete. He was very excited to build the little Lego toys and Lucas, Isaac and Mason were very happy to build Day #6 this morning. But Hubby had found another calendar from who knows what year in the closet and he decided that the Daycare needed two.  So these guys were very pleased to do four out of six more days before school this morning. 

They were so good about taking turns.  Lego is always so fun!

And just think.....they still have two more days to complete when they come home from school this afternoon!

Our morning went by very quickly. It's our first Tuesday without Sam, and it turned out that Christopher and Alex didn't come this morning so we were all able to fit in the van.  I miss Sam already but she texted me yesterday that she has her own desk and her own window to watch the snow fall from, and she loved her new job. 

This is how much snow was left on the ground this morning. I am happy that we received as little as we did, but now it's supposed to get cold and icy. Today was pretty good, and it's sunny and 3 degrees. Tomorrow, it's supposed to go down to -7. The sun has dried up all the wetness on the roads, so that's a good thing. These guys had way too much fun playing in the frost and the ice while we were waiting for Sweet Pea to arrive!

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