Sunday, December 4, 2016

Looking like Christmas

I started my day at the church yesterday, and the children's Christmas production is looking to be so awesome. Miss Glory works so hard and I think this will be the best one yet!

We went through it twice, and my little pre-schoolers did really well the first time, but were a bit uncooperative the second time. But after all, they are only 3, 4 and 5. I think that they will all do amazingly well today, and the best part is that it really doesn't matter. Their jobs are to look cute, which they all do. We have one 3 year old Downs Syndrome boy, and one 4 year old non-verbal boy, and they both did extremely well......especially the first time. 

Corinna and I went out for lunch at The Flying Pig in Gastown and it did not disappoint. We watched a really good hockey game that the Canucks won in a shootout, and then I came home to three beautiful blessings and a decorated Christmas tree.  Hubby had brought them all home after having dinner with them at their house and Baby was so excited to see me!  They all were, but she had extra exuberance. Thank-you #3 for the delicious bowl of chili and garlic toast that you sent totally hit the spot. 

Grandson has a early hockey game this morning and his Dad is coming to get him at 7:15, and the girls are still sound asleep.  They have all been perfect little houseguests but that is nothing new. I know that Baby will be up soon as she never sleeps much past 7 and she is a very light sleeper. It is going to be another action-packed busy fun day! 

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