Saturday, December 31, 2016

The end of another year

It wasn't really the way I had planned to spend my week off, but sometimes the best laid plans are none at all. Sweetheart had an intestinal bug on Monday, I got it early Wednesday morning and Baby woke up with it today. We have all had it a bit differently, but all of us have thrown up. I never throw up. But that being said, I did, and so I laid on the couch watching pvr'd Christmas movies for two days. The G family had plans tonight so Baby and I watched Finding Dory and Frozen, and she is now sound asleep in her bed. She wouldn't eat dinner, had a bit of juice and has been so cuddly all evening. You can definitely tell that she isn't feeling well. She requested me to Rock a Bye baby, which means she wanted me to rock her to sleep, and I just couldn't resist taking a really sweet sleeping picture.  

It has been snowing all day. Again!  There are fireworks going off down the street and it is extremely loud outside, so I hope that means that there won't be any going off at midnight. I already know that I will be in bed before then......not really unusual for us but this bug has tired me out. I felt pretty good all day today, but I have been sleeping a lot more than normal. Happy New Year Everyone!!

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