Saturday, December 10, 2016

What a fun evening!

We went to watch the Vancouver Giants play the Everett Silvertips last night.  It was so fun!

Grandson's hockey team sold tickets as a fundraiser, and they were the team from Maple Ridge who sold the most tickets so they were the ones who got to go on the ice in between periods. They were very excited to watch the pre-game skate!

Grandson is on the far left, watching the cameraman.  They were on the big screen a couple of times. 

It is always fun to watch him interact with his peers. He's one of those kinds of kids who gets along with everyone. His Dad once described him as Switzerland. He's always neutral and he's always fair. Lol. 

It took me a while to figure out which one was my own grandson when they all came skating out in Giants jerseys instead of their regular Ridge Meadows ones. SIL is the man in the red sweatshirt. 

Can you see him in the front?  Hubby tells me it's very obvious by the way he skates, but I usually pick him out because he is always one of the biggest boys. He's in white, in the front. 

I think that the majority of the audience was from Maple Ridge as there were lots of other teams there, so we knew a lot of people. It was a really good game that the Giants lost in a shoot-out and so it was a late game for everyone. We didn't leave Langley until after 10 and then the roads were ugly because it snowed for the entire time that we were at the game. The Silvertips outshot the Giants 53-21 and it was so hard-fought. The whole G family was there and the little girls did amazing, but it was a very late night for everyone. Such a fun evening out, and I sure hope that everyone slept in today!

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