Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Winter Wednesday

It was -10 degrees when I dropped the boys off at school. It's truly beautiful. But it was soooooo cold!

These two were dressed warmly and were quite content to wait while we waited for Lucas to go into his classroom.  Note....look how many children are even lined up. This is right before the second bell, and the schoolyard is deserted except for his few classmates and their parents. We all know his teacher way too well!  Lol. 

These little cousins are such good friends. And they are growing up before my very eyes!

Bubbles!  And Mygym!  These are two of our favourite things!

They both wore Christmas t-shirts today.  You would have thought that they texted each other this morning before they came!

We played outside after school. It was -4 degrees and I had to coax them all to come in at 3:30. If Sweet Pea didn't have to use the bathroom, it's hard to say how long they would have lasted. 

Eating snow. From the looks of it, it knows no age limit. I know I used to do it too when I was young, but they all love it so much. And they aren't very discerning, as I always need to check it before they try to eat it. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  She is just so darn adorable!  I know that I am slightly biased, but she really is a cute girl!

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