Sunday, December 10, 2017

Raising daughters

This is true. And it's true of raising granddaughters too. Some talk more than others, but my four granddaughters are very chatty. 

And most of the things that they say are very interesting to listen to. I chuckle because I think of Miracle #3 with great fondness. She was always my chattiest child, and I know I would sometimes tune her out. Not on purpose, but she would never stop talking. And now she has two daughters who also command her attention. I only had one out of four children who wouldn't let anyone get a word in edgewise. She has two. And Miracle #2 has two very chatty daughters too.

This very chatty granddaughter was very pleased to show me this display at the arena today. Last time we were here, it was around Halloween and there was some creepy ghoulish creature in it. None of us liked it........and we all loved this little Winter scene. 

Afternoon hockey game

We all love going to Grandson's hockey games. But this rink in Coquitlam is one of our favourite arenas. This is where the Coquitlam Express play their home games and it's a pretty nice venue. 

Can you see four out of the five members of the G family here? Sweetheart and Beauty have a backpack full of toys and books that they bring to their brother's sporting events and it keeps them busy and happy for the duration of his games. They always find an empty bench or step and they are getting very good at being at hockey. I caught SIL in mid-stride getting down from the bench and Beauty is behind the seat in the first picture but this is how they roll. Grandson is Number 29. 

Grandson is taking the face-off here. He plays forward quite a bit, but he played defense today too. 

His team beat the Coquitlam team 1-0 but Coquitlam actually scored on their own net while they were trying to clear the puck.  

It was end to end. They children skated a lot today and it was a really good game to watch. 

The gateway

I love Vancouver! And I've been there twice in the past week. When we were at the makeit show on Thursday evening it was too dark to even see this great big gateway to the PNE grounds.....although it was lit up. It was too dark to realize it was right around the corner from the main doorways to get into the show. So when I went back yesterday to get something that I already bought but decided I needed two of....this lovely gateway welcomed me. There is a Chinese lantern festival happening and I think that this is so lovely!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Beautiful day, beautiful evening

It was a glorious day. We arrived at the gotcraft market at 8:30 and it's the first time that we didn't get the swag bag. Sam was more disappointed than I was......I think that the time that we spend together is way more valuable than a bag full of stuff. The good news is that we met the same people who we were standing in line with in May and they live a couple of blocks away. They told us that they were going to come back tomorrow and they would get two and give us one. She's already contacted me via text and they are serious. Just a matter of figuring out how to get the bag from Vancouver to Maple Ridge and we are good to go!  She suggested snail mail and it's not really such a bad idea. 

We walked over to Lonsdale Quay from the Pipe Shop and it was so beautiful. The fog was just starting to dissipate and it was still quite cool....about 5 degrees.....but it was sure nice to look at. The sun felt so nice!

I love this sweet girl. I know she is 24 but she will always be young in my eyes. We ended up getting stuck in a big traffic jam that was waiting for an accident to clear on the 2nd Narrows bridge. It made us take a detour over the Lions Gate Bridge, where four lanes of traffic merge into one lane to go across. We were already later than we had planned to be as we stopped to eat at the Tacofino food truck that was outside fallforlocal.  It took us just over two hours to get home and we drove just over a hundred kilometers.  

I was only home an hour and it was time to head out to Chilliwack for Grandson's lacrosse game for 6 o'clock. I requested my Christmas present early if it had arrived and it turns out that it had. Hubby didn't know that I knew that he had ordered it but we share a Visa and it's kind of hard to hide a charge that was over a hundred dollars. I love it!

Sweetheart was pretty impressed as well.

She kept nice and warm while she played with her toys and coloured. 

Beauty was in it for a little while but I don't think she liked it very much. 

It was about 5 degrees so it wasn't as cold as it could have been. 

Grandson's team beat Chilliwack 10-6 and he got a goal and two assists. He told us that he wasn't cold at all.....but he did lots of running. Fun game to watch and the G family went out to The White Spot with the team after it was over. Hubby and I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory on the way home and it did not disappoint. We didn't get back to Maple Ridge until after 9 and I am exhausted. Hubby drove another hundred kilometers to and from Chilliwack, so I've travelled just over 200 kilometers today. It was a very busy Saturday and I need to go to bed!


It's going to be a very fun day today. Sam and I are spending the morning together and Hubby and I have a list of places to be and things to do this afternoon. Grandson has lacrosse tonight in Chilliwack so it reminds me of a day in 1997 when Hubby and I put hundreds of kilometers on our vehicle in one day. Sam is driving this morning but I think I may clock our mileage out of curiosity. The fog is supposed to be gone (which it appears to be already) and the weather report is forecasting 7 degrees by mid afternoon. The original forecast was 12 but the fog has hindered the beautiful warm sunshine all week. Everyone tells me that it's better than rain, but these people aren't hypo-thyroid. I'm freaking freezing and have been for a couple of weeks now. Thank God for polar fleece and down jackets! And hats and gloves and scarves!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Busy day!

My friend Violet came over with coffee at 7:30 this morning and we had a wonderful visit and then she had to go to work for 9 o'clock. It was a nice way to start a freezing foggy Friday.

These two were best friends today. It was really cute to watch them interact and communicate. She was a really big helper and loved it. I think she is growing up, and her new cheesy three year old smile is hilarious. 

Two little blondes with blue eyes.....having lots of fun together in the garden center. Both of them have colds right now.....aren't they sweet that they know how to share!?!

After work I planned to take Sweet Pea and Pretty Girl out for dinner and to see The Star. It's one of those kinds of movies that I could see again and again and again. They enjoyed it immensely and so did Auntie Vi and Uncle B. It's a great movie for any age group....from one to a hundred and one. 

Can't forget the popcorn and drinks! And the mini-candy!

Make it!

Sam and I headed in to Vancouver last night and we had way too much fun! We are headed out on Saturday to do it all again, (we are going to go to gotcraft and fall for local) but because we went to this particular market last year, we knew that the weekend would be very busy. Like so busy that you barely have room to walk busy. And it was really good to go on a week night.....there were lots of people there but it wasn't unbearable. This is a bit more high end than the ones that we are used to going to, but she always gets free parking because she knows one of the parking attendants.  And the groupon to get in half-price helps as well.  We really like certain vendors.....she has her favourites and we both like certain food vendors.....we actually are getting really good at knowing who we want to see and what we want to buy. More importantly, the fact that my 24 year old "niece" wants to hang out with me is so priceless. I would go with her just because she asks me to go.....time spent together is what is important. 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

So pretty!

We live in a beautiful world. And I live in a beautiful city. #4 was showing me some of his photos today and I asked him to send me this one of the Golden Ears. 

He took it when he was on a bike ride in the Summer. Because it was freezing fog all day, it just made me feel happy......I miss Summer. And we haven't even made it to the first day of Winter yet. Sigh...

This is the pic that he uses as his home screen on his phone.  I love it!

My friend Cynde posted this on Facebook on Monday. (I hope it's okay that I post this on my blog...I actually didn't ask....reminds me of the old saying that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to seek permission) The Golden Ears look very different these days because it's soooo cold out right now. The forecast says it's going to be warmer than 1 degree like it's been all day.....I hope it's right!

This is funny!

This is accurate. Pardon the swear word, but I really think this is one of the main reasons that I haven't sent out a letter in five or so years. That, and I don't have a desktop with a printer. It made me laugh!

Be kind

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I love my job!

I had a little errand to do this morning which took us across the river after going to the church.  We weren't able to use the gym today because it was full of equipment from Christmas in the Park. So we ended up in the nursery which was kind of fun too. Different, but fun. 

As per usual, Sweet Pea and Beauty ended up with a Grandma day today. This seems to happen most Wednesdays and it's going to end in January because there will be more children in my care....we all enjoy it way too much. These blessings were quite smitten with the display of koi fish. They were pretty cute.....and I'm not just saying this because they are my granddaughters. These fish allowed these two little three year olds to experience such joy which was truly priceless.

The old haunted house is now an enchanted forest!

When they found Santa and his sleigh they were so delighted. Even if Santa wasn't real, he made them very happy. 

The lights and the decorations were magical. We all loved them! My blessings were so very happy.

We went through it quite a few times.....maybe five times or more!

They are such good friends. They got along really well today and are learning to play cooperatively. 

So much to look at. Every time we went through we experienced something new. Like I said before, it was magical.

Sweet Pea's little three year old smile cracks me up. Isn't she cute?

We went for lunch at the airport again.  But first we went to find #2 at his new work location that he moved to last month. He showed us around, and then we took him out for a chicken aioli sandwich. The girls had hot dogs and chips, and I had turkey vegetable soup. Everything was delicious. And no, Beauty doesn't have a coffee, she is carrying her hot chocolate. It turned into a beautiful sunny afternoon once the fog lifted. 

It was nine degrees out when we went to pick up our after-schoolers. We all had a magnificent time at the playground. What a wonderful day!

Do your best

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tea. And calm.

I've drank coffee for the last 35 years of my life. And that's funny because I came from a tea drinking family. I didn't start drinking coffee until I met my friend Tilly and she preferred it over tea. So I started drinking coffee. With cream and sugar. Lots of cream and lots of sugar.....until I decided I didn't need the calories and I started drinking it black. I just went cold turkey and have never looked back. I only drink coffee when I am with people so I call myself a social coffee drinker. Every so often in the past five years I will make myself a cup of coffee and drink it by myself, but it's very rare. It makes me feel like an adult......and when you work alone and you work with children, I just need to validate myself. Not very often any more, but I used to need that validation. Whenever I go on holidays I tend to drink more coffee, but it's because I am with people.  See?  I am a social coffee drinker. 

But I decided to buy this for myself on the weekend....

A cup of tea and Christmas lights are very calming.  


Monday, December 4, 2017

Smiling faces

The weather forecast is for sunshine for the next ten days. I will believe it when I see it, but will appreciate it very much when it arrives. I am freaking freezing. I cannot get warm!  So if we get some sun, maybe this dampness that is making me so cold will diminish.  Here's hoping!

This sweet boy makes me smile. Every. Single. Day.

We managed to get outside for a little while this morning. It was cold, but my down jacket, ugg boots, hat and gloves made it bearable. Finn's new winter jacket (from Value Village, I've been told) kept him nice and warm while he zoomed around the cul-de-sac.

Beauty came and spent the day with us. We were waiting for Aubrie to come over but she woke up with a rash and ended up staying home.  Dr diagnosed a virus and she should be over it quickly. This happy girl was enjoying our outside time. 

She mastered pedal pushing last Summer and was having fun on Jade's hand-me-down bike. She is growing up way too fast. 


I knew that it was a full moon last night but it was 7% larger and 15% brighter because it's closer to the Earth. It was the only Supermoon in 2017. Note to self.....don't make plans with children when you know that there is going to be a full moon. Just sayin'.  PS. I didn't make plans yesterday knowing that it was a full moon. As a matter of fact, I would never check that out even if I was making plans. But it sure explains some behaviours yesterday. And not that it really matters.....because I wouldn't have changed it for anything. It's how memories are made.....

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A very enjoyable Sunday

It was Christmas Play Day!  And I can honestly say that I didn't know what to expect. It was very entertaining to say the very least. From the two wise men who got into a fight in the gym and refused to perform, to my little four year old boy who kept removing and throwing all the tape from the stage where the barnyard animals were supposed to sit, to my two granddaughters who decided to remove their shoes and come and give them to was memorable. Yes, that was Sweet Pea who decided to throw the jingle bells into the manger and Beauty who did yoga exercises and kept running up and down the aisle to see her Mommy, just to name a few other things that were going on that apparently no one really noticed except me.  Because no one else was really paying attention to all the things that were going wrong. They only saw the magic of a wonderful Christmas production that the children have been working on since August. I was told that it was the best one ever, but I really do hear that every year. I personally thought that the little pre-schoolers did amazing and it was way too long for them to be expected to sit. But most of them did, and a lot of them wiggled, and I kept sweating because I had to sit in the very front where everyone in the congregation could see me. It's what Christmas plays are made of.

You'd think that Sweetheart knew that someone had pointed a camera at her for the way that she is smiling directly at where the picture is being taken. She was the most beautiful angel who participated and sang magnificently. 

The preschoolers wore cute little animal ear headbands and I am surprised how many of them kept them on their heads. A handful were sitting on the stage when we were done, and amongst them were Beauty's piggy ears. 

I took four of my blessings to The Nutcracker at The Act this afternoon.  

Beauty refused a picture being taken every single time. So this one makes me happy because she is in it without realizing it. Peek-a-boo!

Three out of four blessings were so happy and joyful for the entire production. 

They all really enjoyed the show. I spend a lot of my time watching them watch the show. It's extremely entertaining and the costumes are exquisite. I have to thank my friend Corinna for giving me my passion for watching ballet and other dance productions. The talent is simply amazing. 

They were all rather intrigued by this display of gingerbread houses. That's on our list to do before Christmas too is decorate houses. Every year with the blessings just gets to be more and more fun!  I love being a Grandma!