Sunday, January 29, 2017

Field Lacrosse

Today was Grandson's last field lacrosse game of the season and it ended at a jamboree in New Westminster. He played two games in the rain and the fog.

The first game was just after noon and he played Chase's team from Port Coquitlam. He got two goals and an assist in the 13-3 win, and it was a fun game to watch. 

This is at the second game at 2, and Sweetheart was a great little cheerleader.  She and her sister were very good at both games today....but in all fairness, Baby did sleep through this entire second game. 

It didn't really rain that hard at either game, but it certainly was wet. Grandson got a goal in this game too, but they lost 5-4. The New Westminster goalie was really good and he kept his team in the game.  

His first season of playing lacrosse was excellent. He loved it!

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