Monday, February 20, 2017

Toddler life

This little man is at an age where I see changes in him daily. He only comes three days a week, and I just love all of his words. He puts three or four words together in a sentence now.  And I really do think that this has only happened in the last couple of weeks. He's always been quite chatty and he really communicates well.

This is his serious look. Because every time I try to take a picture, he smiles. I missed it because I was a bit late, but I just love his blue eyes. And he's really starting to get more hair!

This is his typical, "Cheese!" every time I aim my phone at him. He's a very happy almost-23 month old.

He was so fascinated by this little tiny baby doll that he was holding.

Friday, February 17, 2017

T'was a beautiful day!

Ten days ago, there was over a foot of snow on the ground. Today it was sunny and 10 degrees Celsius. We all appreciated getting outside to get some Vitamin D. 

You would actually never know that it was pouring rain this morning, because when we ventured out just after was very sunny and almost warm. I love it when Finn says "cheese".  He's such a perfect little poser. 

But we took another picture because Shay wasn't looking. They are all so sweet!

And they were very excited to find the crocuses blooming in the flower boxes at the church. Shay asked if she could pick them and take them home to her Mommy. 

"Too bright, Grandma. Too bright!"  But she tried so hard to smile for me. 

These two were having a conversation.  Sweet Pea idolizes her big sister.  

Monday, February 13, 2017

The big rink

There is an Olympic-sized rink in Port Moody.  It's fun to watch Grandson play on the big ice. It gives him so much more skating room.

He got a hat-trick yesterday and a couple of assists. The season is almost over and he loves playing hockey.

And like with all sports, the beginning of the season and the end are so different. The boys learn so much in such a short amount of time. 

There was lots of stick-handling, as there was so much more room to move around. He had lots of chances to skate and to shoot. 

She makes me smile!  Boots off, just hanging around...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Twins!

Fifty-three years ago, these guys made me a big sister. They were pretty cute!  I really hope that they both had a wonderful day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

We went for a walk

We have had a really great morning. I always forget how much more independent that my after-schoolers can be. And it helps that they haven't all seen each other in awhile so they are playing well and cooperating.

We took Ethan and Kara to pre-school, and because it wasn't raining, we walked over. It's 8 degrees outside and the snow is still piled high but it was nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Pretty Girl loves being the oldest and had no problem with being the leader. She had a runaway at this point but as soon as she called Shay to come back, she did. 

They were all so good.  Even on the busy could tell that they haven't done it in awhile but the were all such good listeners. 

And this is just to show you how messy that my street that I live on is. It was pretty mucky and slushy yesterday and I am sure it will take a few more days before it will be clear again. This is soooo much better than it has been for almost a week. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Crazy Hair Day

It was Crazy Hair Day today. And it was their Valentines Day celebrations too!

I managed to take a couple of pictures at the end of their school day and I think that they looked awesome. They have only gone to school for two days this week, because tomorrow is a Not-In-Session Day and they had two Snow Days. Add that to our Family Day Weekend and a Pro-D day on Tuesday and there hasn't been much school lately.  February is a short month.

These two-two year olds wore the same t-shirt today and there was no way that Baby was willing to get into a picture with her cousin. Sweet Pea was being as agreeable as can be and Baby was being disagreeable. Oh well, they sure are cute, aren't they?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Snow Day

I was really happy that we had another Snow Day today, but you sort of have to wonder why. It snowed off and on through the night, but this is what we woke up to. I imagine that the roads were rather treacherous, and I am sure that that was the biggest consideration. But I was a little bit surprised that there wasn't any school today......and if you didn't have to go anywhere, then it was a really nice day!

I only had four children in attendance and we spent about an hour outside this morning. 

It was definitely colder out today. But sunnier. These boys were loving it. I often wonder how much snow that Isaac actually consumes. 

Miracle #3 had a few cancellations today too, (she only had four kids, but three are actually hers) and they spent some time outside this morning as well.

My favourite little five year old was ready and willing to let her Mom take her picture today. Always a poser!

Hard to believe that Grandson is going to be nine in less than two months! Don't you love how pretty the snow looked today?  The blue sky certainly helps. But to be perfectly honest, as pretty as it is, I just wish it would go away. Just sayin'.

She makes me smile!  Baby loves to eat the snow too, but she also likes to play in it. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Today was a Snow Day

The schools in Maple Ridge closed today because of the snow and I am really hoping that they close again tomorrow too.  Honestly, today wasn't even that bad.......but it is snowing like crazy right now and Hubby is out shoveling the driveway. Again. I am so done with snow. As my niece put on her Instagram, "It's snowing again. Barf."  She made me I share her sentiment. 

Hubby and I went into New Westminster on Saturday because I had an ophthalmologist appointment.  We had around 10 inches of snow in Maple Ridge when we left and it wasn't as bad as we headed west. I was going to cancel, but I am happy that I didn't because I had my OCT scan and my eye pressures measured, (14 for the right and 15 for the left) and we were in and out in less than 15 minutes. 

The weekend went by fast and we didn't really do much. I have an awful cough so I guess I picked up that virus that everyone else had in January. Sigh.  I noticed that Lucas has it again too, as we sound the same. 

We went outside for a little bit of playtime this morning. It snowed during the night but it was clear all day. 

Lucas loves the snow, but you could tell that he wasn't feeling 100%. Isaac is funny....he just likes to eat it. 

And as you can see, little Lukas likes to eat it too. I seem to know a lot of children who like to eat the snow. 

Playing and playing. And still smiling even though he was coughing. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017


It was kind of pleasant this afternoon. 

It wasn't really warm out, but if you were in the sun, it felt okay.

This little toddler moves a lot. He was so happy to run today. 

He really never stays still. Every pic that I have of him, he is moving. 

Sweet Pea loved playing outside. 

This little pile of residual snow kept then busy for a half an hour or so. They were chipping pieces off and throwing them onto the road so they would break. Or melt. 

Preston was stepping on a piece of snow here. He enjoyed watching his friends, but he enjoyed running and jumping more. He would always come over to see what they were up to, but he was having so much fun running around the cul-de-sac.  

We are all looking so forward to Spring. (especially me!)  It was Groundhog Day today and depending on who you want to believe, it sounds like we are supposed to have an early Spring. I hope so.....January was way too cold!