Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Snow Day

I was really happy that we had another Snow Day today, but you sort of have to wonder why. It snowed off and on through the night, but this is what we woke up to. I imagine that the roads were rather treacherous, and I am sure that that was the biggest consideration. But I was a little bit surprised that there wasn't any school today......and if you didn't have to go anywhere, then it was a really nice day!

I only had four children in attendance and we spent about an hour outside this morning. 

It was definitely colder out today. But sunnier. These boys were loving it. I often wonder how much snow that Isaac actually consumes. 

Miracle #3 had a few cancellations today too, (she only had four kids, but three are actually hers) and they spent some time outside this morning as well.

My favourite little five year old was ready and willing to let her Mom take her picture today. Always a poser!

Hard to believe that Grandson is going to be nine in less than two months! Don't you love how pretty the snow looked today?  The blue sky certainly helps. But to be perfectly honest, as pretty as it is, I just wish it would go away. Just sayin'.

She makes me smile!  Baby loves to eat the snow too, but she also likes to play in it. 

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