Monday, February 6, 2017

Today was a Snow Day

The schools in Maple Ridge closed today because of the snow and I am really hoping that they close again tomorrow too.  Honestly, today wasn't even that bad.......but it is snowing like crazy right now and Hubby is out shoveling the driveway. Again. I am so done with snow. As my niece put on her Instagram, "It's snowing again. Barf."  She made me I share her sentiment. 

Hubby and I went into New Westminster on Saturday because I had an ophthalmologist appointment.  We had around 10 inches of snow in Maple Ridge when we left and it wasn't as bad as we headed west. I was going to cancel, but I am happy that I didn't because I had my OCT scan and my eye pressures measured, (14 for the right and 15 for the left) and we were in and out in less than 15 minutes. 

The weekend went by fast and we didn't really do much. I have an awful cough so I guess I picked up that virus that everyone else had in January. Sigh.  I noticed that Lucas has it again too, as we sound the same. 

We went outside for a little bit of playtime this morning. It snowed during the night but it was clear all day. 

Lucas loves the snow, but you could tell that he wasn't feeling 100%. Isaac is funny....he just likes to eat it. 

And as you can see, little Lukas likes to eat it too. I seem to know a lot of children who like to eat the snow. 

Playing and playing. And still smiling even though he was coughing. 

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