Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rainy Saturday

It was a dreary rainy day, but the good news is that it wasn't snowing! Miracle #3 called this morning and asked if I wanted to join her and the girls for a movie. Turns out that SIL and Grandson were going to go see The Lego Batman Movie, and she was taking Sweetheart and Baby to go see Leap.

It was a really good movie and we all really enjoyed it. Sweetheart cried, but she usually does as she is a very emotional little girl!  We figured out that the only movie that she didn't cry at in the last two years was Finding Dory. What can I say?  She just gets right into it!

And Baby is just so funny......she told me at the end that she liked the movie. "And in Beauty and the Beast, the Beast says Grrrr." Beauty and the Beast was advertised in the pre-movie credits.....and that's the part that she wanted to tell me about.  She was very very impressed with the size of the screen, and she sat really well for the entire movie. 

I went to the Vancouver-Pittsburgh game with Corinna tonight and even though we lost, it was a very entertaining game.  We went to the Yaletown Brewery for dinner prior to the game, and it was excellent. We hadn't been there in a couple of years and I really enjoyed my Tokyo rice bowl. Corinna had goat cheese ravioli with chicken and it looked very yummy as well.....and she told me that it was. I had a really great entertaining day!  We lose an hour tonight as we Spring ahead so I should go to bed. 

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