Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It stopped raining!

I know that God said that He wouldn't ever flood the earth again, but sometimes you have to wonder. We've had a lot of rain. So when it stopped for a few hours this afternoon, we all went outside!

These two little girls are way too cute!

As they sat by the front door, their one year old friend observed...

....and as soon as he saw them getting their picture taken, he did this!

And Jade decided that she needed in on the action too.  So cute!

After Miracle #3 went home with her gang, my gang just played. And played and played and played. They were just all so happy to be outside. It was wet but it was 11 felt almost balmy compared to how it's been this Winter. We are all so ready for Spring!

Rain, rain, go away. Don't come back until after Spring Break, okay?  Just a little bit of wishful thinking on all of our parts.....

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