Friday, March 3, 2017

Keeping busy

As Baby is getting older, she is getting interested in activities that keep her engaged for longer than two minutes. She had a roll of painters tape and some paper, and she was cutting and taping for at least twenty minutes this morning.

Miracle #3 sent me this picture and I think that she looks very focused. And I am very impressed on how well she holds a pair of scissors.  We've been working on this at my daycare this month too, and I have some who can do it and some who can't. This one can. But she has always been a very determined little girl. 

She received this little bike for Christmas and the snow finally went away and it got nice enough for her to give it a try on the weekend. I'd have to say that she really likes it, don't you think?

Big brother and little sister.....I think that this is very precious.  

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