Saturday, March 4, 2017

A few of our favourite things

Reading. I really cannot count how many books that we read in a week. It's too many. Jenelle came over last Friday and she and Sweet Pea enjoyed some time together.  

They sat for a half hour or more and Jenelle was very happy to read her book after book. Sweet Pea kept going to get another story and Jenelle was more than happy to accommodate.  

Isaac brought his blanket to Daycare on Monday and around 9:30 am, he went to lay down in the playroom and he went to sleep. He only slept an hour, but I loved the way he just curled up, got cozy and drifted off. It's not uncommon for him to do this once or twice a week, but it's usually because we have been out and he falls asleep in the van. 

The weather has been so cold and snowy, with an odd sunny Spring day thrown in. It snowed a couple of days this week, but not a lot. Just enough to cover the ground and make it difficult to maneuver, but it usually melted within a couple of hours. These kids were just so happy to stay outside for a little bit after school one day. After a few games of Frozen tag, they thought it was fun to pick up the sticks in my yard and bring them over to the bush. 

She was so proud of herself. It was actually quite surprising how many branches from the trees were in the yard, and how many trips over to the bush we made.  

Our skill at MyGym this week was to jump over the rope and sit on the other side while each child took their turn. I'm sitting with some of them while they are waiting for their friends. 

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