Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Aquarium

Sweetheart asked at the very beginning of Spring Break if we could make a day to go to the Aquarium, so today was the day. We ventured out in the pouring rain with hundreds of people who had the same idea, and we all had a fun-filled action-packed afternoon.  

Baby is growing up. She hasn't ever wanted to touch the Rays whenever we have ever gone, but she was determined to get her hands wet and try. She kept giggling every time one came near her, but I really don't think she really did touch any. Grandson has always enjoyed counting the amount he gets to touch. Sweetheart has no desire to even try, but she is always a good sport in coming to watch. 

Clownfish Cove is Sweetheart's favourite place to go and she has an agenda. She needs an apron, a stuffed toy and a card and she follows the instructions.  It's really cute to watch her as she is so serious.  

Baby has fun trying everything out as she wanders around and enjoys herself. It's very interactive and Grandson told me today that he thinks he is getting too old for Clownfish Cove. 

Checking out the touch pools!

Baby waited quite a while for a turn to drive the boat. I think she thought it was worth the wait because she sure did have fun. 

They all waited very patiently for the face/hand painting. Because it was so busy, there was a bit of a line-up. 

Every time she has had her face or hand painted, she asks for the same thing. She loves Chester, the false killer whale. 

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