Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Baby spent the afternoon with us and when we went to pick up the big boys at school, these blessings had way too much fun playing at the end of the hall while we were waiting for the bell to ring. We always wait inside when it is raining and as usual, it was raining. It's rained for 27 of the last 29 days in March. The Lower Mainland received more rain yesterday in a 24 hour period than it has in 61 years. Somehow, this didn't surprise me.

We are usually a bit early, but we don't usually have Baby with us, so she had never played at this particular spot. 

We always play school.  And guess who loved the 'teacher' spot the best. What a surprise!!!

She waited very patiently for her turn to be the teacher.  And then it took a bit of coaxing on my part, but she let Sweet Pea join her on the same chair. 

They have always loved each other and they do get along fairly well for being so close in age. Taking turns is hard when you are two and three, and today was a really good day for sharing and getting along. 

The sun came out this afternoon. It was soooo nice!

Baby had fun playing in the neighbour's rock garden.  

I love how she can entertain herself sitting in the rocks.

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