Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I am still waiting for Spring. Everyone keeps claiming that it is here, but it is still pretty cold and rainy.  The blossoms on the tree across the street are usually out at the beginning of March, and they arrived on the weekend. The sun came out yesterday, but the rain is back today. Everyone on Facebook keeps posting memories of how a year ago we we were all out in shorts and t-shirts by now.  I was looking back at blogposts and we had had a few 22-25 degree days. But not this year.....we have had a cold Winter and it's been a cold Spring. 

Softball and baseball have really taken a hit.....especially Pretty Girl. Grandson hasn't got any games scheduled this week at all, which is very weird. And he was rained out on Saturday. The only one who has played every scheduled game is Sweetheart, and she had a bye last night. Which means that there wasn't anything on the calendar yesterday so Hubby and I took advantage of a coupon from Socrates and went out for dinner. It's our 37th anniversary today and we figured we may not get an opportunity to celebrate today. Although it is probably going to rain, we didn't want to be pessimistic and think that we may not be watching softball tonight. Thirty seven years goes by very fast.....just sayin'.

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