Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sweet girls

These two blessings are getting ready for their Lion King performance next week, and they had to be at their usual one hour class for two and a half hours yesterday. It was just a bit busy......getting them from school and daycare and to the Industrial Park by 3:30. But I was able to do it, with a minute to spare. I had lots of help. Miracle #3 snapped a quick picture as they were running out the door. 

And it didn't rain last night, so Pretty Girl had a softball game at 6:30. She was picked up at 6, and fortunately her game was really closeby.......I still haven't figured out where and when she had time for dinner.  Hubby and I met #1 at Pretty Girl's game, and she played so well in the freezing cold wind. She can sure hit the ball well!  It was a very fun game.....I just wish that it was a bit warmer.

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