Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hockey Date

These were my last two Canucks tickets for this season, and I couldn't think of anyone who would appreciate it more than my favourite grandson.  It was a 4 o'clock game, the sun was shining and we had so much fun in the city!

It was a little bit windy and a little bit cold, but it was just so nice that it wasn't raining. He loves hockey and so do I.

I thought that this picture would be better because we were in the sunlight, but Grandson's face is shaded.  Oops!

We got there just in time for the warm-up.  He was totally into it.  And I never took a picture, but he had a foot long hot dog for dinner.  He was so impressed, as he hadn't ever had one before. It was big.....really really big! And he ate it all, every last bite!

Unfortunately, the San Jose Sharks beat the Canucks 3-1, with the last goal being an empty netter. The last four minutes of the game were really good, and the rest was just so-so, but we both had a splendid time. 

We both had so much fun. He's growing up way too fast!

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