Thursday, April 20, 2017


April is always a busy month. All of the blessings except Baby have birthdays in the Spring, and Easter is always in there too. Baseball and softball start, and this year we have three out of five playing. 

My favourite grandson got his hair cut on the day before he turned nine. I think he is so handsome. Of course, I may be a bit biased.  

He celebrated with the daycare children after school with doughnuts. This was on his actual birthday, which was April 4th.

These two three year olds are very cute. They have become quite good friends in the past few months.  It's really fun to watch friendships form and whenever they see each other they always greet one another with a hug and a smile!

Pretty Girl and Sweet Pea enjoyed their time at the river on the weekend. This is one of everyone's favourite places to go when the weather gets nice. Even though it's been cold, I am admiring DIL's stamina to get outdoors on Monday with her girls. 

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