Friday, April 28, 2017

The show

I love it when I am perusing Facebook and pictures of my blessings show up. The Showstoppers Facebook page put up 65 pictures of Saturday night's performance of The Lion King and they are all really good! The blessings were in nine pictures that I could actually see them in, so here are a few that I thought I would share. 

Group shot. Unfortunately, Sweetheart is hidden by the boy sitting in front of her, but it's great of Pretty Girl. 

Can you see them both in the top right corner?  I think #3 said it best when she said that Pretty Girl gives it her 150%. You can really tell how much that she loves it!

You can barely see them but they are in the second row facing each other. 

Sweetheart is second from the right and she is definitely playing her part well. They were all wailing and her expression was spot on. 

They are partially visible. I can see their faces but mostly just their bodies. 

Sweetheart is right behind the little boy who is beside Timon. I loved Pumba in this show....she was an excellent actress. 

Pretty Girl is on the far left and Sweetheart is wearing the coral coloured lei towards the center. They both had so much fun, and they were so good!

It was a magnificent performance!

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