Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Before the rain

We stayed outside today, before the rain came back. According to the weather forecast, it just looks like it is starting again with no end in sight. We went to Pretty Girl's first softball game of the season last night and it was actually sunny. Freezing cold, but sunny. She played so well. 

My three little ones played with the wagon and the cars while my three big ones played tag and frisbee. Isaac fell asleep in the stroller just as we rounded onto my street so he slept through all of our outdoor playtime. 

The tree across the street is really late with it's blossoms this year, but they are finally starting to bud. I love this tree so much......it is always so pretty, and it smells beautiful too.

Grandson celebrated his day with a pizza dinner and cake, before we all went to watch Sweetheart play in her very first softball game.  It was only one inning, but in all fairness, it was pouring out. I'm happy that she got to play as she was so excited but it looks like this week is going to be a washout. Pun intended. Grandson, Pretty Girl and Sweetheart all have more games scheduled, but I am thinking we may not be watching much ball this week. Rain, rain, go away......come back in the night when it is dark, please.

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