Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Four in a row!

We went to the park this morning to take advantage of the last sunny day until next week. MyGym was fun, as it always is, but it was good to get a bit more playtime before heading home. We've had four really nice sunny days and the sun is not forecast to come back until next Wednesday. Sigh. 

These two cousins make my heart smile. It's always so nice when they share and get along. They had their dollies and were pretending to feed them.  

I love how they were pretending that the bark mulch was food. Such cute little blessings!

They all sat and posed for a picture.  As you can see, I took a few.  And there is not one single one where they are all looking at the camera. 

But they all sat and cooperated.....and for two and three year olds, that is a feat all by itself. 

Miracle #3 and I were discussing how 'easy' it has become to get out and about right now. All of our 'babies' who came today are two, and both of us didn't even have any diapers. 

Sweet Pea went home with her auntie for the afternoon, before I came over at 1. These two were having way too much fun playing house. "See Grandma?  Brennan is my baby!" (sitting in a box with a tutu  Oh, they are just too cute!

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